Growing Hellebores


Where you can grow Hellebores (Winter Roses) in Australia:

Hellebores can be grown successfully anywhere in Victoria and Tasmania.  In NSW, coastal areas up to and including Sydney are suitable.  Inland areas in NSW which experience cold winters, from Albury, through Canberra, Orange, Tamworth and as far north as the Queensland border are well suited to growing Hellebores.  The suitable inland, higher altitude climatic range extends into Queensland at least as far as Toowoomba.  In South Australia the more temperate climates between Mount Gambier and Adelaide are fine for Hellebores.

Hellebores are not difficult plants to grow.  However, to help you get the best out of your plants, here are a few brief tips on growing Hellebores:

• Hellebores do need shade in summer. But try to avoid planting them in very dense, permanently shaded positions. They will grow and flower more prolifically if they get good light in the cooler months. Planting under or near to deciduous trees can often provide such ideal growing conditions.

• Hellebores main growth period is from about mid Autumn to mid Spring. This is also the best time to plant, divide, move and feed Hellebores.

• If you buy Hellebores in Winter when in flower you should plant them as soon a possible so that they have the chance to establish themselves before summer.

• Hellebores like well drained conditions but will struggle in very sandy soils.

• While they are tolerant of most soils a well mulched deeply dug spot is best.

• Feed with a complete fertiliser after growth starts in late autumn and mulch in spring.

• For Helleborus x hybridus cut off the old foliage as the new flower buds begin to emerge in late autumn. This will show off the flowers more effectively.

• For taller species such as Helleborus argutifolius and Helleborus foetidus, cut off the old stems after flowering has finished in Spring.


Fore more useful information on growing Hellebores we suggest you have a look at the links below for additional detail (all in PDF format) about growing Hellebores:


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< Stunning massed planting of Helleborus x hybridus at Glen Rannoch, Mt Macedon.