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A segment about Hellebores, featuring Post Office Farm Nursery’s own Peter Leigh, which was broadcast on the ABC Gardening Australia program on 27th June 2009. 

Click here for a link to the streaming video of the segment ‘A passion for Hellebores’ on the ABC website.


Newspapers and Magazines

1. An article by Peter Leigh about Hellebores published in the gardening section of the Melbourne Age on Saturday July 12 2008. 



2. Another longer article on Hellebores published in the Winter 2010 edition of Your Garden magazine.

Click here to view a PDF file of the article.


Books on Hellebores

C. Colston Burrell and Judith Knott Tyler, Hellebores a comprehensive guide, 2006, Timber Press.
Excellent new US book, recommended.

Brian Mathew, ‘Hellebores’, 1989
Still the definitive botanical monograph on the genus. Unfortunately has been out of print for many years. Hard to find.

Graham Rice and Elizabeth Strangman, ‘The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hellebores’, 1993
Still available I think. A good general guide to the genus.

Graham Rice, ‘Hellebores’ (RHS Wisley Handbook series), 2002
Small but good paperback guide to Hellebores and still available.

Gisela Schmiemann and Josh Westrich, ‘Helen Ballard The Hellebore Queen’, 1997
Some lovely pictures of Helen Ballard’s named forms

Marlene Ahlburg, ‘Hellebores’, 1993
Also out of print I believe.


Articles on Hellebores:

Brian Mathew and Will McLewin have produced a series of definitive articles which have been published in The New Plantsman (published by the Royal Horticultural Society and recently renamed ‘The Plantsman’). These articles provide a wealth of up to date and accurate information on the genus. Highly recommended for a more in depth understanding of Hellebores. Details of these articles are as follows:

Subject matter: Publication date: Journal:
Introduction to Hellebores June 1995 The New Plantsman
Helleborus dumetorum March 1996 The New Plantsman
Helleborus atrorubens September 1996 The New Plantsman
Helleborus multifidus sunsp. Hercegovinus March 1997 The New Plantsman
Helleborus purpurascens September 1997 The New Plantsman
Helleborus orientalis and
Helleborus x hybridus
June 1998 The New Plantsman
Helleborus vesicarius and
Helleborus thibetanus
September 1999 The New Plantsman
Helleborus argutifolius Helleborus lividusand Helleborus x sterni June 2000 The New Plantsman
Helleborus viridus September 2002 The Plantsman
Helleborus bocconei and
the Hellebores of Italy
December 2006 The Plantsman
(co-authored by Matthias Thomsen)