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Autumn Hellebore Tips

22nd May 2018 by peter


After a very warm start to Autumn, we are finally experiencing some cooler weather in this part of the world.  There are plenty of flowers starting to form on the Hellebores here at the Nursery and we are hopeful of a good, if perhaps slightly late, flowering season over Winter.

Thanks to all those who have already ordered their Hellebores for this season.  We have had lots of orders and some items are selling fast.

Now is the perfect time to plant Hellebores as they will grow away nicely through Winter and into Spring.


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Now is the best time to remove the old foliage on established Hellebores and give them a feed.

For Helleborus x hybridus varieties that have been planted for two or more years and are a reasonable size you can remove all of the old foliage right down to the ground.  Leave any new growth.  This will tidy up your plants and show off the flowers this winter to better effect.  For the taller shrubby species Hellebores such as H. argutifolius, H. lividus, H. x sternii or H. foetidus, don’t remove the foliage now, wait till after flowering in spring.  Also a good idea to remove any build up of mulch or leaves from around the base of the plant to allow for good light and air movement.

At the same time you can give your Hellebores some food.  Any complete fertiliser (ie one that has nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous) such a dynamic lifter or osmocote will be fine.  A light dressing of dolomite lime will also be appreciated.

Helleborus x hybridus Double Reverse Picotee


Helleborus x hybridus Apricot Peach Spotted
Helleborus x hybridus Double Green Spotted


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