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Final call for Hellebores

4th October 2022 by peter


We hope you have enjoyed a good flowering season with the Hellebores in your garden.  Thanks again to all those who have ordered from us this year and visited the Nursery over Winter.

In the Nursery our Open Sundays are finished for this year and we are still tubing up the newly germinated seedlings which will be next year’s crop.  We have finished hand pollinating thousands of flowers in the stock house and are about to spend several days placing our custom bags over all of the pollinated flowers to collect the seed.

In the garden, now is the time to remove spent flowering stems, apply some mulch around the Hellebores and keep an eye out for aphids.   It has been VERY wet in most parts over the past year, so any Hellebores that have been adversely impacted by fungal issues should have the affected foliage and flowers removed and maybe followed up with a copper based fungicide spray.


Online Hellebore Shop closing

This is the last call for any Hellebore orders for this year.  We have just updated the Website Shop with the varieties we still have available, some in very limited numbers.   The website Shop will be closing at 6pm this Friday October 7th, with our final mailout happening next week.

To see which varieties are still available click here.


Assorted Helleborus x hybridus flowers

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