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Hellebore season ending soon

14th October 2015 by peter

Mail order closes at end of October

Thank you very much to all those who have ordered Hellebores this year.

On October 30 we will be closing our Online Hellebore Store.  We have quite a few varieties still available and they are looking good and ready to plant.  Last chance to get a few Hellebores in the garden before Summer.


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Spring jobs for your Hellebores.

Hellebores have generally finished (or nearly finished) flowering now and should be putting on plenty of leafy growth.  Unless you want lots of seedlings coming up next winter, you might like to remove spent flowering stems now.  This will also help the plant expend its energy in root and shoot growth rather than seed production.

If your Hellebores are putting on plenty of growth a little liquid feeding now wont hurt, but the main time for fertilising is late Autumn and into Winter.  Hellebores are not fussy about types of fertiliser – any of the commonly available liquid feeds at the standard rate will be fine.

Remove any old tatty or diseased looking growth (but leave the nice new growth).  Keep your Hellebores well mulched over summer and, most importantly, any young Hellebores planted this season will definitely appreciate some extra water over Summer, especially if it is hot.

Happy gardening!

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